Hush is a framework that may help in building dashboards.
It will simplify process of generating pages by storing configuration of each of them.

Hush under the hood processing the requests similar to Laravel.

But all, that need you as a developer is to create a new page in the configs in hush/pages directory, which will appear after installation.

Each page contains a set of properties:

  • 'default' which serve for displaying content of the page.
  • '{method-name}' multiple actions for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE methods.

More about how pages work you can read in Pages section.

Default config

Most of text configurations contains only key by which system can find a translation in hush::admin namespace.

Default hush configuration is stored into your project's config folder in hush/app.php file.
There are available this properties:

  • 'prefix' - dashboard prefix
  • 'index-page' - link to the page which will be opened by default.
  • 'uploads-folder' - folder name, in which uploaded files will be stored. Folder should be created in /public direactory.