Hush provides some new artisan commands to work with.

  • hush:page - help you to create new admin page. By default it requires single param - page name.
    For example php artisan hush:page posts will create folder config/hush/pages/posts and 2 files in it - index.php and edit.php. If you need only table or only edit page you could specify param --type which at the moment can be edit or index.

  • hush:sync - help you to sync newly created roles and permissions with database.
    It also deletes permissions, that are not present in role config file, so be careful with this.

  • hush:imagable - help you to quickly create imagable model.
    For example php artisan hush:imagable Model will create model ModelImage in app/Models/Imagable directory.

  • hush:translatable - help you to quickly create translable model.
    For example php artisan hush:translatable Model will create model ModelTranslation in app/Models/Translatable directory.