View components

Each hush page by default extends from '' and describe section 'content'. If you want to write custom page, you may also use it.

Besides hush provides two laravel components:

  1. <x-hush-form> - which serve for form creation.
    Basically, you can use it similar to default <form> html element with two exceptions:

    • it already contain csrf for all methods except GET
    • there are attribute has-images, which will add enctype="multipart/form-data"
  2. <x-hush-input> - which serve for input creation.
    It contain 2 required attributes:

    • type which can be any of the <input> types (including radio and checkbox) or select, or textarea.
    • name of the input.
    • value which is not required.

And whatever you want count of additional attributes. More about input attributes you can read on Inputs page.