Menu customization

Menu configuration is stored in hush/menu.php file and there are difference between top menu items and nested.

Each item can contain:

  • 'permission' - which will be checked before drawing menu item.
  • 'link' of menu item.
  • 'in-new-tab' - if is set to true, then link will be opened in new browser tab.
  • 'text' of menu item.
  • 'counter' - number block, which will be printed next to the text. It may contain attributes:

    • 'color' - css color of block background.
    • 'value' - closure, that will return number, which should be printed. If it returns nothing, null, 0 or false, then block will be hidden.
  • 'submenu' - specify the nested menu items, each of which have same structure as described above, except 'counter' and 'submenu' attributes.