Roles and permissions

Hush provides a way to control user roles and permissions.

Permissions are stored in hush/permissions.php file. There are only a permission keys, permission names are stored in resources/lang/vendor/hush/{lang}/permissions.php.

Roles and related permissions are stored in database and in hush/roles directory. Basically hush checks only role permissions in database.

Folder hush/roles serve to developer convenience. When you will initialize the project and run RolesSeeder, data from this folder will be recorded to database. Each file in hush/roles should be named like {role-name}.php and contain array 'name' with its names on different languages, and array 'permissions' with list of permission keys, that should be attached to role.

Also hush provides ability to sync roles and permission without freshing the database, you just can run php artisan hush:sync, which is described on Artisan commands page.